....We rebuild your harmonic balancer (vibration damperner) core and ship back to you (usually) in two-three business days after receiving your order. { We only rebuild a maximum of two balancers per day.}
...I usually return ship using the United States Post Office's new: "Priority Mail Flat Rate Box" Service ( a two/ three day air service) to most points in America. For full details, click on the "shipping tips box at the bottom of this page). This service only costs $17.10 (for medium sized flat rate box) (but your part must fit into one of their free boxes, three sizes are available; get them free from your post office branch office). {If you want to purchase insurance for the return shipping, then include the actual extra amount to cover the insurance.} We carefully pack before shipping so there is rarely any damage during shipping back to you.
... Base Price is $ 154.00 for the rebuilding service, plus I add the actual cost of shipping {and insurance} back to you. (Some larger sizes, or models that require unusually large quantities of (very costly high temperature) rubber, or unusual amounts of labor, may be charged an extra amount to cover the additional cost. Examples of this are 'Metalastik' style, and small size truck harmonic balancers which are at $ 209 price level }.
..Large harmonic balancers, must be under 23 pounds maximum, are charged $ 275 total . (as they take longer to rebuild and use more rubber, etc.).
...If you have a Chevrolet Corvair I offer a special harmonic balancer rebuild service which includes extensive remachining and reinforcing of the rubber bonding surface inside the hub area for increased performance and security at $ 209 plus shipping cost back to you.. I have done over 10,000 Corvair harmonic balancers and recommend this extra work for this model when outclassing or racing.

...You may estimate shipping charges by including the same amount as it costs you to ship to me in your personal check, or money order ($ 17.10 shipping for the flat rate shipping back to you, if your part will fit in one of the Post Office medium sized 'Flat Rate' shipping boxes);
...Or you may use any of four major credit cards:
Visa, M/C, Discover or American Express. Include your contact phone number and we will call you when your part is completed and ready to be shipped back to you, to get your credit card number.
...Ship your package (carefully padded with heavy cardboard in the bottom), of course [tightly pack crumpled newspaper into all the empty spaces of the box so that no movement can occur>>very important!<<]...Please see 'Shipping tips box' on home page for more details) to :

Dale Manufacturing................... Phone: 1 503 364-8685 PST
3425 Fairhaven Avenue N.E. ...... e-mail: langsatherdavid@gmail.com
Salem, Oregon 97301 (USA)

...I personally do all the preparation and bonding work my self (with my wife assisting on shipping/ receiving/ and clean up and painting), so you can rest assured that our forty three years of experience will be working for you, combined with premium high temperature (400 F) mold-making silicone rubber that we specially compound for harmonic balancers, the best chemical primer, an agressive sandblasted surface on the rubber bonding surfaces, and careful fixturing to ensure proper alignment of the keyway and timing marks, and accurate centering of parts (within 0.001") for accurate running and balance.
...All these add up to a quality product that will give long service (in fact I guarantee that the rubber bond will not fail.. or I will rebuild it free of charge, you must pay shipping charges) (abuse and accident damage exempted of course). Our life-time guarantee on the rubber bond applies, even if you sell your car!

...About the only special care you need to take is to keep the rubber out of parts cleaning solvent or gasoline because this type of rubber absorbes these solvents (like a sponge absorbs water) causing extreme swelling if the rubber is submerged in solvents.
...We complete the work with two coats of black acrylic enamel spray paint: flat black as a primer and gross black as the finished coat, as well as cleaning the oil seal surface with emery cloth.

...I do not recommend use of the add-on thin metal sleeves on the oil seal surface under normal conditions. Usually oil seal groove wear is only one or two thousandths of an inch deep. If you want an entirely new oil seal surface for the new oil seal to ride on, I suggest cutting a piece of thick automotive gasket cut into a donut shape to slip between the oil seal and engine block; this will space the lip of the new seal to a previously unsued area of the harmonic balancer oil seal machined surface.
  If you install a new oil seal, it should easily cope with a slight oil seal wear groove. Remember, the rubber lip of the oil seal does wear; so it is a good idea to replace the oil seal with a new one while the harmonic balancer is off.
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Balancer Control Page....
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...We believe that our harmonic balancer rebuilding service, here at Dale Manufacturing, is the best available and have harmonic balancers in service now for forty three years. We use the finest modern high temperature mold making silicone rubber (especially compounded for harmonic balancers) in rebuilding your harmonic balancer for the most secure and longest lasting service to you and your car or truck. We rebuild each harmonic balancer individually and by hand. I personally rebuild each one myself so you can be assured of consistent quality and attention. {Other rebuilders may hire workers who get paid by the unit run through their production line and who do not have a long term interest in customer satisfaction in the long term}.
...We (that would be my wife and I), who do all aspects of the work) value your good opinion of our service and want you to have a long and pleasing experience with this rebuilt harmonic balancer. We only rebuild your core and return to you so you can have confidence that you have the correct part designed specifically for your engine.
...Our guarantee is that if the rubber bond ever fails (excepting accident, damage, or abuse***) in service, we will rebuild your unit at no charge to you. You are responsible only for the shipping cost to us and back. We do reserve the right, in unusual conditions to decide to refund your original rebuild fee (not including shipping cost of original order) to you instead. (be sure to include your receipt for work you had done with us).
...The following are examples that will void our 'life time' warranty :
..If a balancer is returned under warranty claim and the internal static electricity ground springs are found to have their ends melted off; the guarantee is nul and void... you would be charged another rebuild fee, if you so choose.
...We have have over a 99% reliability record over many years [some have been in service for 43 years) and I feel confident that you will have a satisfactory experience too!
...Our life time guarantee extends to the future owners of your vehicle as well. (Most other guarantees are for a few years and only for as long as your continue to own the vehicle.) We believe that no other company quarantees their service in this way because they do not have the product confidence necessary or the years of experience to back it up.
...If some problem arises, we will be pleased to work with you to rectify the situation; our only goal is to have a satisfied customer!
David Langsather, Owner of:
Dale Manufacturing
3425 Fairhaven Avenue N.E.
Salem, Oregon 97301
(503) 364-8685 PST
langsatherdavid@gmail.com for e-mail and www.hbrepair.com on the web.
(revised 2/2023)
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PRICE SUMMARY: (plus actual shipping costs)

$ 154 Base rebuild price;
most models...

$ 209 Medium sized truck balancers (most 10# to 15# sizes)...
..Most Metalastik style harmonic balancers (such as early Jaguar.
 Please note: Jaguar XJ-6 1989-1997 are now $ 209.

$275 Large engine harmonic balancers (15# to 25#) or really complicated designs.

..Riveted hub harmonic balancers{as on on early Chevrolet, and Cadillac and Buick models,} we no longer rebuild...

$ XXX Some special designs may require extra charges for excessive rubber or extra labor.
...call if in doubt: 503-364-8685.
...We must limit harmonic balancers to those weighing LESS THAN 23 POUNDS PLEASE!!
(4/5/2020 onwards)


PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer price discounts for:
Multipul parts in one order...
or for Long term business associates...

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