Harmonic Balancer Rebuilding Notes...
. I have been involved with rebuilding Harmonic Balancers since 1979.
. Beginning with ' balancers for Chevrolet Corvair engines and later expanding to include other discontinued balancers, we have done approximately 15,000 to date.
. I do all the work myself so there is a consistant level of quality and attention. Over the years I have made improvements in rubber formulation, chemical bonding, and techniques.
. I now also add an internal electrical grounding spring for those with balancer rings that drive v-belts (cast inside the rubber); this bleeds off static electricity which might otherwise cause radio static. (some Ford products included a somewhat more primative ground- actually a staple through the rubber strip)
. By rebuilding your harmonic balancer by hand, I believe you will get better quality and consistent results. (certain other rebuilders hire workers and may have mechanized parts of their rebuilding operations.)
. If you have specific questions, call me:

David Langsather ("Dale"), at 1-503 364-8685 PST
3425 Fairhaven Avenue N.E.
Dale Manufacturing, Salem, Oregon 97301 (USA)
  Here I am with my very delightful daughter Ingrid. ( I chose this picture because it actually shows me in a clean work outfit!)
  I may not be very photogenic, but I know someone who is...
...My wife and I do all the harmonic balancer work ourselves, so you can be assured of consistent quality of workmanship and service.
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