...The Post office "Priority Mail , medium sized Flat Rate Box" if an excellent shipping alternative. {8 1/2" *11" * 5 1/2" high}
The postage is $13.60 each direction

...The Postal service says this is a 2 to 3 day( travel time) service and I believe they count Saturday, which is quite fast, and for the price, excellent.

...There is a "signature required" optional service (another $ 1.35) but I do not recommend this as the postman must find me to get a signature before he can leave it; and as I am usually out in my workshop and can not hear the door bell there, this can add an extra day or two to the actual delivery time.

...To use this "Flat rate box" service, you must ship your package in their box, which they give your free at your local post office. ("medium size Flat Rate Box")

...I recommend the following to help ensure your parts travel safely:

...If you think your part can reasonably survive a six foot high drop on to a concrete floor without damage, then you are ready to ship your harmonic balancer package off to me.

...To save waiting in line at the post office when you drop your package off, you can purchase postage and print your mailing label on line at www.usps.com. Click on shipping domestic package, priority mail, then enter your credit card information as you open an online account, then enter your return address information and my address:

...At the last you go down near the bottom of the page and click "flat rate box" just before checkout for relialble shipping at only $13.60 each way!

...When done, you can just give it to your mailman or walk to the counter at your favority post office and just drop it off (no waiting in line necessary!).(There is usually a special part of their counter for package drop offs)
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...When you take your package in to the post office they invite you to just come up to the counter and drop it off without waiting in line, since it is ready to ship with postage prepaid.
(Of course the post office will gladly do the label for you; but remember, they might rather try to sell you their regular priority mail service which is more expensive, approxiamately twice as much), and you do need to use their "Flat Rate" box for this special service.

...There are two sizes of (free) flat rate boxes available from the post office, but the 8 1/2" by 11" by 5 1/2" high size might be most useful ($ 13.60 cost). If your part is large, then use the 12" X 12" x 5 1/2" flat rate box ( Cost is $ 18.95 for this size.) If your part will not fit in either size box, then you must use some other shipping method. (There is one more size 12 X 13 X 3 3/8" for flat designs at $13.60)
...I hope these ideas are helpful;


David "Dale" Langsather

Owner of Dale Manufacturing.
Harmonic balancer shipping tips...
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