(12/13/2021) HB_29
Salem, Oregon USA
My name is David Langsather , we live in Salem, Oregon.
  About a year ago, Terry called my on my home phone line
to tell me about his company and a product he called
"Max Command" and how it might help us overcome the
many junk phone calls we were receiving.
  So I signed up with him. His service was added onto our Century Link phone company phone line. He was to bill us directly. The agreed monthly price was $ 9.95 per month and he would bill for a two year period.
  We thought this would be worth while if it allowed us to
block furture calls from numbers we added to our block list
through his company.
  We thought it did help quite a bit.
  After we had been using the service for some part of a year, he phoned me and reported that he had forgotten to bill us so he said he would only charge us the one half the amount due because of his error.
  Time goes by ...
  My wife happened to be reviewing our back billing records from our credit card and noticed a rather large charge that has repeated FOUR times, apparently at random over the last calendar year, and on investigation, we realized it came from Global Grid Telecom.INC; each charge for $ 238.88. (the advertised amount for a two year period).
  I called Terry and two days later he called me back about the "four times over charge" for his service.
  He told me that the "dates of the billing corresponded to the dates that they had updated their software."
  Although he 'offered' to correct the 'miss-billing', nothing has been done.
  Repeated calls have been ignored.
  I mentioned to Terry that if not corrected, I would post my
experience on line, which this notice is.
  You might want to consider this information in dealing with
this company....

David Langsather
Salem, Oregon

P.S. photos of the back billing charges appear below"