Rebuilding Service for Oldsmobile 3.5L V-6 Aurora and Intrigue models 1999-2001
(Revised 1/2011)
...Here at Dale Manufacturing we porvide a two business day rebuild service for harmonic balancers. We have been rebuilding harmonic balancers since 1979 and I have personally rebuild about 10,000 harmonic balancers in that time.
...We offer a life time guarantee that the rubber bond will not fail.
...The cost to rebuild your Oldsmobile 3.5L V-6 harmonic balancer is $110 plus $10.95 for return shipping ( a two day air service through the post office "medium size Flat Rate Box").
..We accept VISA, M/C, American Express, and Discover cards for payment as will as your personal or business checks or money order; which ever is more convienent for you.

...Most of our harmonic balancer customers use the "Flat Rate Box" service through the post office, and using that, you can expect your rebuilt Olds harmonic balancer will be back in your hands 7 or 8 days after your send it (with a total shipping cost of about $22). However, if you need your part back immediately:

...To have it rebuilt and back in your hands three days after you send it:
*call UPS for pickup and send it :"Next Day Air 11 AM Delivery"; I will rebuid it the afternoon of the day it arrives and it should be balanced and painted and ready to be shipped back to you the next day. I can have UPS send it back to you next day air. (Of course you pay the extra shipping charges for USP next day air). Please let us know it is coming so we can adjust our schedule.

...To have it rebuilt and back in your hands two days after you send it:

...Call us at Dale Manufacturing

  (503) 364-8685 PST

...Our shipping address is:

Dale Manufacturing
3425 Fairhaven Avenue N.E.
Salem, ORegon 97301

...Our E-mail address is:
...Click here to go to our harmonic balancer rebuilding home page for more details about our company.
Photos below show the Oldsmobile 3.5L V-6 harmonic balancer in process of being rebuilt.
...This is the way we usually receive the Olds 3.5 L harmonic balancer; in two pieces after the harmonic balancer ring has fallen off the engine!
..As long as the metal parts are in good condition, all that is needed is for a proper rubber rebonding to restore to better than new condition.
...The factory did not use the high temperature quality rubber necessary for long service; we however use a modern 400 Degree F. (very expensive) rubber specially formulated for harmonic balancers and tested in use for over thirty years, thus our life time rubber bond guarantee!
..,.In this photo you can see how the factory machined the parts with a smooth curve (convex surface) on the hub of the harmonic balancer with a corresponding inside curve (concave surface) machined inside the harmonic balancer ring that has the fan belt grooves machined in it.
..This design complicated the rebuild process in that the parts must be accurately centered into position after the bonding surfaces are prepared and chemically primered and before the new rubber is poured into place to cure.
...Here your harmonic balancer is prepared and ready to be fixtured for rebonding. In this special heavy duty ball bearing fixture I am carefully centering the hub casting to within 0.0005" of perfect center. At this point it is locked into positon.
...Next two special beryllium copper wound springs (that we make) are inserted into the rubber area. These springs remove static electricity that may build up on the harmonic balancer ring due to fan belt flexing. This eliminates the static electric charge can make radio static as it jumps to the hub.
....Next, the harmonic balancer ring is carefully cented with the dial indicator.
...Now everthing is ready for the rubber to be mixed and poured into the waiting rubber gap.
 ...Here the new high temperature rubber is in place and chemically curing (usually overnight).
...In this photo, the Olds 3.5 L V-6 harmonic balancer is cleaned up and painted...almost ready to be returned to you.
..All that remains is a final re-balance and then carefully packing for safe return to you...

...We hope we can be of service...
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