Jaguar Harmonic Balancer Rebuilding Service
...We at Dale Manufacturing (my wife and I) have been rebuilding harmonic balancers for 30 years with about 10,000 rebuilt so far (of all makes). We rebuild the customer's core and return in two business days offering a life-time guarantee that the rubber bond will not fail (guarantee is in effect even if you sell your car in the future).
.. The Jaguar harmonic balancer came from the factory with rubber that could not take the heat of the engine compartment. After a few years it begins to harden which changes the tuned frequency of the unit making it work improperly. Eventually (within about 10 years) the rubber has hardened into a hard plastic material which renders it completely useless in protecting the crankshaft from cracks and allowing the sudden twisting vibration of the crankshaft, during operation, being transmitted throughout the rest of the engine ( which is not good for long term engine reliability and wear). The Jaguar harmonic balancers' "failure" is only noticed when the bond breaks and the harmonic balancer ring, with its attendent drive belt; starts to slip making noise and not driving the belt driven engine accessories properly.
.. By contrast, we use an expensive premium 400 F. modern rubber which will not harden from engine compartment heat, thus giving you many years of reliable service and extending engine performance and life. We rebuild the customer's harmonic balancer core and return in two business days and the cost is $110* plus $ 11.35 for return shipping ( a two day air service throught the post office: "medium sized Flat Rate Box Service"). ..By using the Flat Rate Box serivce, you get your original part back in 7 or 8 days with a total shipping cost of under $22.
...* The early style 'Metalastic' Jaguar designs are $40 extra (extra rubber and labor).
..We would like to restore your Jaguar's harmonic balancer to proper function for you!
...Shown here is the Jaguar V-12 style harmonic balancer separated, cleaned, and sandblasted, ready to be chemically primed for rubber bonding, fixtured and then rubber bonded.
...Notice the convex/concave machined design (Typical of all V-12, V-8, and 6 cylinder models) of the rubber mating surfaces; this fail-safe design usually keeps the harmonic balancer ring from actually falling off when the rubber bond fails... {it just slips and makes a squealing noise.}
...We currently rebuild Jaguar harmonic balancers for some of the leading Jaguar supply companies and repair shops around America; and we would be pleased to be of service to you too.
(Revised 1/2012)
Several other model Jaguar harmonic balancers in process:
..For detailed shipping tips (excellent packing is your Best insurance) please click here.
...After parts are cleaned and solvent washed; the rubber bonding surfaces are given a course sand blast using imported rocky mountain sand for best bonding surfaces.
...The outside surfaces are cleaned with a finer sand mixture.
...Here is a Jaguar (1989-1993) XJS 5.3L V-12 harmonic balancer after sandblast cleaning and before chemical primering and fixturing.
...Here is an early "Metalastic" style Jaguar harmonic balancer as used on the XK-120, XK-140, and XK-150 models; ready for rubber bonding.
...A Jaguar XJ-6 model harmonic balancer fixtured and ready for the new high temperature rubber to be poured into place and cured overnight.
...We center the harmonic balancer ring within 0.001" of perfect center before bonding and then rebalance for you afterward.
... One of the V-12 Jaguar harmonic balancers fixtured and waiting for its new rubber .
...You can just see the two berylium copper springs installed in the the rubber gap. These bleed off static electricity generated in fan belt flexing during engine operation, eliminating possible radio static generation. (we custom wind these special springs ourselves.)
...These springs become permanently embedded in the new rubber and are an example of Dale Manufacturing extra quality.
...Another feature of our company is that I do all the rubber bonding preparation and bonding myself so your always get consistent quality. My wife Karen does shipping and receiving, cleanup and painting, so you see her good work too.
...Since 1979 I have rebuilt about 10,000 harmonic balancers personally (including many Jaguars) and would be priviledged to rebuild your Jaguar harmonic balancer for you too!

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...Other companies guarantee their Jaguar rebuilt harmonic balancers for "12 months unconditionally". We however know our rebuild harmonic balancers quality and back up the our product with a "life time guarantee", even if you sell your car! We know our harmonic balancers will give very long term service.
...Some our rebuilt harmonic balancers have been in service for over 33 years now.
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