Harmonic Balancer rebuilding Customers' comments:

Thx for a fine job on our 1996 Acura TL 2.5 harmonic balancer. I'm so glad we paid for both parts to be repaired. There was an annoying sympathetic resonance in the dashboard at certain engine speeds. That noise is now gone. In my 12 years as a professional auto mechanic, I never gave the harmonic balancer much thought. Thx also for teaching me something in my own field - mechanical repair.

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                                  FROM TEXAS: CARL
Hi David,
Thanks I received last week my new harmonic balancer, very good job!
Thanks and have a good day. (From France)
 It was a pleasure to do business you.
I can't wait to find someone in need of a balancer, or a violin!
Balancer arrived yester day.
It looked GREAT, and it works great too!
The Trooper is very happy to be back in action. (Even though it is in semi retirement as the spare car J )
Thanks, Kevin
Package recieved, it turned out very nice.
Thank both of you for your time and skill in this transaction.
Joseph G. Jr
thanks so much. It's nice to do business with a company that is both personable and professional.
I'll spread the word to all I know.
 Dear Dale: On Monday, 06/21/10, I received my repaired harmonic balancer from you - - I was very pleased and impressed with the quick turnaround. I really thought it would take another week. On Tuesday, 06/22/10, I installed the harmonic balancer and my engine started on the first try. Apparently, I didn't damage anything in the removal/replacement process. As I am sure you know, locking up the crankshaft for removal and later for torquing the big crankshaft bolt is a real challenge. I invented a tool for that and will keep it on hand if this every comes up again. I AM VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE WORK YOU DID AND HOW QUICKLY YOU DID IT. I WILL BE RECOMMENDING YOU TO FRIENDS, FAMILY AND ALL THE LOCAL AUTO PARTS STORES THAT COULD NOT FIND A NEW OR REBUILT HARMONIC BALANCER FOR MY OLD MUSTANG. Thank you very much - - you have my highest regard. - James B.
Hey Dale, I got my balancer back Thursday and every thing worked great. I want to thank you for your prompt service and the professional workmanship rebuilding my part. Having my part rebuilt saved me a lot of green. I will be letting my fellow techs in the area know about your work. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Take care and be well. Many Thanks,Keith H.
Yes Madam it did! I sent a message to you letting you I did! I'm sorry for worrying! I am very pleased with the results! Thanks a million! I will let others know about your business ok!
Thanks and be Blessed!
Have a good One!
Mrs.MOlivia H.
Mr Dale - Postal Carrier brought Balancer this morning: Looks good!
               Thanks for the quick turnaround.
 John A.
Just to let you know the harmonic balancer looks great and working great. I'm including a pic of the car its now on. Thanks again K.C.

Hi Dale, This is Jim S.. Several months ago, you kindly and professionally rebuilt the harmonic damper on my 1956 Thunderbird. I am a very satisfied customer. I belong to three Thunderbird clubs, two in the Pacific Northwest and one which is an International club. I also belong to Gig Harbor Cruisers. All of these are great organizations. As I become more familiar with the Thunderbird (and others) crowd, I keep thinking that you might want to consider placing a small add in these club publications. I certainly would vouch for your work and easily recommend your services to others. If you're interested, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to hook you up with these organizations. Thanks again and take care, Jim S.

I wanted to let you know that we got the part on on Saturday it went on very easily and the boat is now running. Thank you for the excellent service and great work. I have passed your information on to Stem to Stwern Marine Services one of Vancouver premier boat engine repair companies.
Big thanks for everything! Barney E-P, (5/18/2010)

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your help in fixing the crankshaft pulley in such an expeditious and efficient way.
Tony (5/7/2010)

David, Got the 292 ford balancer yesterday and it looks great! thank-you,John K. ( 4/23/2010)

Dear Dale,
  I wanted to let you know that my balancer arrived yesterday afternoon in fine shape. Thank you for the very quick turn-around and excellent workmanship.Sincerely,Ted M. (4/6/2010)

Thank you for doing a great job on the Harmony balancer.
It is allready installed on the car.
Norman my mecanic had taken a picture of the Datsun 2000 and myself.
I will soon remove the top for summer driving.
To see the picture click below
 Let me know if it came out GB (4/4/2010)

I did (get it) and it looks great. Thank you so much. Great doing business with you!
Bill H. (4/3/2010)

Hi Dale.....wanted to send you a note of THANKS for your quick and professional service on my 1962 Olds harmonic balancer. It arrived safe and sound yesterday as you told me it would and my mechanic was very impressed by the quality of the job you did. He installed the balancer and it works perfectly..!! When I stumbled upon your web site last week I was concerned about what to do after discovering my problem.....after speaking with you I felt better that I had found a solution. It's nice to know there are good folks out there providing a service as promised at a reasonable price. THANKS again...!!

J.H. (3/16/2010)

Hi Dale,
Just wanted to thank you for the prompt return of the reconditioned harmonic balancer for my car. It is good to have it up and running again.
I also took the liberty of giving PepBoys your website address, as they asked for it in the event they run into this kind of problem again in the future. They were not aware the balancer could even be rebuilt.
Thanks again, have a great year.
Sincerely; Mary Jo C. (3/13/2010)

Dear Karen and David, (3/10/2010)
I received the harmonic balancer today, you made a good and fast job, thank you very much.
I'm going to give your adress on the most important US Cars forum in France, the American Car Club of France, hope it will help you in your business.
Thanks again
PS: you can use this message in your testimonial, attached also a picture of the Red Big Boat, I love it so much..

Dave and Karen:
     Just a quick note to thank for the excellent turn around time and work you did on our boats diesel Mitsubishi/Chrysler harmonic balancer we got it installed the day it arrived and took off last Friday for a four day trip on the boat to test it out and was pleasantly surprised to find that the engine ran quieter and smooth than it has since we purchased it five years ago. Thanks for an excellent job!!!!!
Diane and Bob K.
Port of Brownsville (2/19/2010)

Sorry I haven't gotten back in touch with you on the harmonic balancer. It has been almost a year since you repaired it. It is on the 194 engine and works perfect. In the future if we need any more harmonic balancers rebuilt, we will send them to you. I will recommend you to others if I hear of anyone needing this type work. Thanks again. Lane (63 Chevy II Nova) (2/6/2010)

The pulley arrived safe and sound. Looks excellent. I can see the pride in your work.
Thank you,
  1. B
West Des Moines, IA. (1/25/2010)

Hello, It has been some time since you repaired the balancer for my 1967 Chevy C20 but
I thank you for your #1 service. Your workmanship is great. And the turnaround time is unbelievable. When I recieved it back from you I was amazed that it was like brand new.
  It took me only 20 min to reinstall balancer and my truck was on the road again from the moment I received it. I have and will
recommend your your service to anyone who would need your service. The quality,service.
communication and explanation on how you repair harmonic balancers is without flaw.
     Thank You Again for a very Honest and outstanding job. V. R, Sesser Illinois (1/17/2010)

The balancer arrived today. It looks wonderful. Thank you again for the service. I am extremely excited to install and operate the car again!
B. P.

Urbandale, Iowa 50323 (1/14/2010)

Hello all at Dale manufacturing, (12/31/2009)

  I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the recent work you performed on the 1980 231 V6 harmonic balancer. The rebuild is excellent in all aspects, coupled with a super fast turn around time, makes my purchase of services with Dale manufacturing one of the best I've had all year. I will highly recommend your company to anyone who I know as the place to go for rebuilding out of production harmonic balancers. I have already let my Friends a NAPA auto parts, (who did a search for a replacement harmonic balancer), know to recommend any of their customers trying to find a out of production damper like mine, to Dale manufacturing. I hope you all have a great 2010!

 Thanks very much,

S. D.

Hi There (12/31/2009)
Just wanted to let you know that I have received my NEW Harmonic Balancer today. What an absolute fantastic job you did on it. Thank you ever so much for your prompt, and proffessional work and now my old grader will be on the mend once again. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing. Have a safe and wonderful New year and again thanks. I'm onlyone person, but in this end of the Country word of mouth goes a long was and you can be guarenteed I will be singing your praises.

Thank you for the quick turn. Iíll keep you in mind the next time.

It's back on the truck. Looks like a well done job.

David, The balancer arrived this afternoon. It looks great, very original! Thanks for the good job. I'm associated with our community college's automotive machinist program. Occasionally we have a student engine that needs a balancer rebuilt, I'll keep you in mind. Thanks again for great service and an excellent product. Alex

Thanks for the great job on my harmonic balancer! The Ford Dealer was very impressed also. I passed along your info at the request of the Ford Dealership.

Dale and Karen...
I received the Jeep balancer today and all appears to be in good order... I will be installing it on my wife's Sahara later this week
It was a very smooth process dealing with you, and shipping over the border presented no difficulties
I will recommend your services to other's
 Thank you very much,

hi,i have received my triumph harmonic balancer today; this is very good job
thanks for all, bye

Thank you for the speedie reply. I have put your name and company with 1 wholesaler already and will hand it to all the mechanics I know in this area.
J. T.; Garland, Texas

Sent: Mon 8/10/09 7:26 PM
To: dalemfg@q.com
 Lexus harmonic balancer:
 Thank you for the repair ,it works perfect , you guys are the best, great business and many thanks and blessing to you guys God Bless by the way do u guys fixes lower control arm the rubber if u do email me u have my email adress if u dont this it joziah1016@hotmail.com phone number is 551-358- 9117 thank you / Ramon R,

thank you, it actually just arrived, looks good. great job once again Andy

 1962 Chevy K-20 harmonic balancer rebuild
To: DAVID LANGSATHER (dalemfg@juno.com)
Hello, again. I just wanted to let you know i got the balancer.Looks great. Thanks for all your help and prompt attention. Rob

I would like to say Thank you for the service you did on the balancer. I was much impressed with the part and speedy service.
                                                           Thank you; R. P.; Copperas Cove, TX

Thank You, David for your reply...I did receive my HB Friday so I didsee the invoice & receipt...I was home when it came and signed for it.It's beautiful, shiny and looks like new. I am going to call the ladywho answers the cust. srvc line for Mercury and see if I can have herput your website link on their Parts page of their website (go toFord/Mercury/Parts) and also will contact the sites webmaster and try there. P.S./ MD

got my harmonic balancer today and it arrived safe and sound. Really good rebuild. Thanks
J. N.

  AJ C.

Hey David,
   I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my harmonic balance, and for taking the extra time to repair the dent in the pulley. It's like brand new and I've put about a thousand miles on the car since re-installing it, and it's perfect.
   Thanks again for the super-fast turnaround.
  I've recommended you to a few friends, and a friend of mine with a 57 Olds is going to be sending you his balancer in the near future.
  If it's okay with you, I'd like to place your website address and contact info on the "Links" section of my car club's website. I like to promote businesses who have given me good service.
Thanks again! Steve

Dale, just wanted to let you know my harmonic balancer came in the US mail yesterday and I appreciate the fast turnaround time. Thanks. L. C.

Hi Dale, I just wanted to Thank You for the excellent job you did on my balancer and for the extremely quick service. I installed it and the car runs great. I let my friend, that works on cars at a Christian Mission, know about your service, he was very interested and might be able to use your help sometime. Thank You Again, S. C.

Good Morning Dave/Karen,
I received the Balancer on Friday and I installed it in the Mitsubishi on Sunday. The Car runs great!!!!
I appreciate your help and work in getting this to me by Friday. The Balancer looked great. Also, the engine has stopped vibrating completely.
Keep up the great work.
Thanks Again.Best regards V. S.

Dear Mrs. Karen Thank you very much for the two e-mails with tracking numbers as well as for the very speedy work carried out by Mr. Langsather. I shall not hesitate to recommend your company to Jag owners in Switzerland if they have a requirement of a harmonic balancer rebuild. With best regards, sincerly T. L.

We received the Balancer today and were impressed with your workmanship and
Your timeliness of the end product.
Thanks again and may the Good Lord bless you and your business.

Hi David I got the harmonic balancer yesterday Thanks it looks great.

Hi Thank You for the restoration i recieved the balancer last tuesday Thank You Im satisfied with the work you did ill be looking foward to deal with you again.

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great job on my balancer. I received it yesterday and installed it on my Mazda 626 last night. The car runs great; no vibrations or problems.
Langley McKelvy


..Dale, I was able to install the harminic balencer today. It worked just as advertised. No more squeel!!.
Thanks. Appreciate you being there.
Regards, Ed Stillwell Psm 34:6

 ... You were recommended by a fellow club member from sccoa.com. He said he used your services and is greatly pleased with the results. ... Thanks alot, I look forward to your reply.
P.S. - Do you balance the balancers or do I need to bring it to a machine shop to get it 0 balanced?
Michael Ponthieux

..Thanks. Good job and right on time. Couldn't ask for more. Doug (Dodge)

..David; Sorry it took a while to get back to you. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the '94 Capri damper rebuild! I will recommend your service to anyone I know needing harmonic balancer help. Thanks again! Bill

..Hi David; I got my part back from you & IT LOOKS GREAT!!!! ...I appreciate the quality work you do & especially the fast run around time. I will recommend you to everyone. Thank You David!! Scott Cleveland

..Greetings David; I recieved my new harmonic balancer for my Corvair engine yesterday and wanted to thank you, and let you know that it looks great! Thanks for the quick turnaround and appreciate all your hard work. Thanks again Garry.

,,,Thank you so much. I have received the harmonic balancer and it looks great. I put it on 4 days ago and have drove all over and it seems to be working great. I noticed that there is no longer a knocking sound when the car is running and my check engine light has gone off since I have put on the balancer that you rebuilt. I can say I was very skeptical about sending money and my part because I have never done anything over the Internet but I have now recommended you to several people including my mechanic. Your price was much better than any quote I got for this balancer, the cheapest one besides your $98 was $257. I would have taken just as long if not longer to get here. I am very satisifed. Shannon ***Feel free to post this on your customer comments.

..thank you for the work you did, my Buick 300 is running nice , no vibration at all. and you were very quick. thanks again for a good job. Mike Guthrie.

..Hi David, Got the balancer on Friday. Thak you so much for the quick repair and return. Sincerely, Greg Peck (232 AMC)

. The balancer arrived today. It looks great. Thank you for the prompt, effecient service. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. I wish I had known I could get such a great service on a rebuild before I put the new balancer from Mac's on the car. The new one is OK but the rebuild would've been exact and looked better. Oh well, too much work to do over again. Perhaps if I have the engine rebuilt in the near future, I'll have yours reinstalled. Again my compliments on a efficient business.

...Thak you for the prompt service along with the quality customer service you provided. (Lexus balancer)

 ...Just got home and found my rebuilt balancer waiting for me. Thank you so much again for yoru srevice. The balancer looks great and I can't wait to get it on the new engine and get my Baby back on the road again. I'll be passing along your fine service to others for sure.. Your friend, Jerry Mullenix

...Dave, Balancer arrived in good order and condition. Thank you for your very prompt and professional service. It is very much appreciated. Regards; Brian Smith (1956 Buick harmonic balancer)

.. Hi Dale. You recently did the vibration damper for my 1955 Nash Ambassador, and while I haven't assembled the engine yet, I did spin the damper on my lathe and I am quite impressed and pleased with the accuracy. Thanks, Paul Supan

...Hi. You did my balancer about 3 or 4 years ago and I have told many people what an excellent job you did and the excellent service I received. My mechanic was also very impressed. The balancer is working with NO problems. Thank you for a job well done. Nick Suffolk , VA

...thank you tons dave, she runs like a top again...its a 1964 jeep wagoneer..with a 230 six kieser engine..only put in jeep one year, parts are very hard to come by...just putting it back together today. Two people wanted your address. One being our local parts store..gave it to them...thanx again Floyd Wooley

..David; I received the repaired HB this week (Packard). Thanks very much for your prompt and conscientious service....I am just extremely happy with your excellent service getting the part repaired and returned so promptly. All the best. Ken Haugen, Ladysmith, BC

...Hi Dale, What a great job you did for me on my balancer. Fine looking work with a fast turnaround. Very informative web site also. Thanks again Pat.

... Hi again. I just wanted to let you know I received the damper on Friday. Very nice job. I hope to do business with you again. I have 4 mroe project cars to get to, I wish I had more time. Thanks for your excellent sevice. I will certainly recommend you to others. John (Datsun 240Z)

...Hi guys; got it Monday, looks great, thak you very much. Roy (1967 Cadillac)
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