(Revised 7/11/2016)
Harmonic Balancer Rebuilding/ Repair
at Dale Manufacturing
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...Our experienced staff...David and Karen are a husband / wife team and do all your work. {Click here or on the photo for a sketch of our background and experiences.}
. A harmonic balancer ready to be bonded with our shop notes on this model.
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Contact Us.. .Information.
Contact Us.. .Information.
Rebuilding Notes....
Rebuilding Notes....
.. We specialize in rebuilding most harmonic balancer types , especially the rare and hard to find models.
.. Since we rebuild your harmonic balancer core and return it, you keep your original part. (which is important to some people and necessary if your engine has a counter weight on the harmonic balancer, since it then is part of the crankshaft balance system and was balanced as part of the crankshaft on your engine).
..I rebuild your harmonic balancer within two/ three business days and return to you. {A few models require extra time such as riveted hub models.}
..With over 36 years of harmonic balancer rebuilding experience, your can rest assured that the job will be done right. I offer a 'life time' guarantee that the rubber will not fail on your harmonic balancer, or I correct the problem at no additional cost to you (except shipping). This harmonic balancer guarantee continues even if your sell your car. (the harmonic balancer guarantee is probably limited only by the length of my life!)
..Please follow the links above to get full information, prices, and a listing of harmonic balancer models I have already rebuilt. If yours is not on my list, please call and we can discuss what information I will need to succesfully rebuild your harmonic balancer. (503 364-8685 PST )
...Once the harmonic balancer parts are separated, cleaned, solvent washed, water washed, air dryed, corse sandblasted at high pressure, and chemicaly primed... the parts are re-aligned and fixtured.
... I make up a special tool which accurately indexes the crankshaft keyway to the timing mark on the harmonic balancer ring. (alignment tool not shown here)
... Thus, the next one I receive need not be together in one piece, in proper alignment before dis-assembly, for me to accurately repair.
A final check is made of side to side gap to ensure true running of the harmonic balancer ring. I strive to center the harmonic balancer ring to within 0.001" of perfect center.
... The mixture is then put in a vacuum chamber and a high vacuum applied to remove trapped air bubbles in the rubber mixture.
...Finally the liquid rubber mixture is poured into the gap and allowed to
cure fully. (Usually overnight)
... Painting is usually two coats of Acrylic Enamel paint: first flat black (which acts as an excellent primer) and then a finish coat of gloss black. ...This painting on a recently sandblasted surface makes for a durable painted surface.
... Then polishing of the oil seal surface with #320 emery cloth completes the job.
... Now to get it ready to ship out today!...
...(Your harmonic balancer rebuilt in two business days and then returned to you! And with a life - time guarantee that the rubber bond will not fail in service.
... We have harmonic balancers in use for thirty years and use only premium quality 400 F. degree modern rubber which can take the heat! {It costs us about $ 250 per gallon, mabye that is why the factory did not use it?}.)